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Finding the Right Aging Life Care Manager

Working through the maze of elder issues and resources can be a daunting task. Having someone who can help you with this task and act as your loved ones advocate is invaluable.


We suggest you look for an aging life care manager who provides their services with life-saving “CPR”. Our aging life care managers are licensed social workers and health care professionals who have extensive experience working with the aging population. They are:

  • Compassionate/Caring – have experience working with the aging population and understand
    age-related illnesses and psycho social needs of the elderly and disabled
  • Proactive problem solvers –quick to respond to changing needs and implement solutions
  • Resourceful and Responsive – have a large network of professional service providers who can be tapped to offer solutions and are attuned to family’s needs

Solutions for Older Adults

Whether you are living on your own, being cared for by family members, or living in a senior community we are available to help you optimize your life. Growing older often includes many challenges with respect to medical, financial, and legal issues. Our aging life care managers make sure you have the proper resources and the proper care to live life to its fullest. Although we may begin our relationship due to a current crisis, we are always thinking proactively about future needs. We are with you and your family every step of the way and serve as the hub between you and all other professionals who might be impacting your life. Our services include assessments, family consultations, assistance with finding caregivers, assistance with locating and moving to a senior community, setting up community services, coordinating medical appointments and sorting through insurance claims and other paperwork.

Our services are not just for those who are being cared for in senior communities or by non-family
members. Our aging life care managers can assist you to find resources that will help you maintain your optimal life when:

  • You are alone and need an advocate
  • You are considering moving to a senior living community
  • You prefer to live at home, but are looking for activities to keep you vibrant
  • You are living on your own, but now require some assistance with daily activities
  • You want to create the best plan for your future
  • You want peace of mind knowing that you have an advocate to call when your situation changes

Solutions for the Family
Sometimes the best way you can care for an older family member is to find a professional to partner
with for support and guidance. Our expert aging life care managers can:

  • Educate you on how to navigate the transitions of aging
  • Provide guidance on community resources, medical care, or end of life decisions
  • Engage with families to help mediate differences of opinion about care options
  • Help you determine when it might be time to shift the care giving job to someone else
  • Offer emotional support and counseling
  • You live at a distance and want to be sure that your relative is well cared for
  • Provide reassurance that you are on the right track


Whether your loved one has transitioned to a senior community or is receiving care in the home, our aging life care managers will ensure the care promised is the actual care your loved one receives. As issues arise, we will act on your behalf to communicate and coordinate services with caregivers, doctors and community personnel.

Partnering with Legal & Financial Professionals

You are often called upon to help your clients prepare for the transitions of aging. We understand the importance of having all the proper legal documents in place as well as a financial plan. Those documents and plans allow families to ensure that their loved ones enjoy an optimal life. You’ve been their trusted advisor and your clients will often turn to you for help that is outside of your legal and financial expertise. By referring your clients to an aging life care manager you are offering them a lifeline. We work with the older adult and their families to create a care solution that addresses their needs and ensures their safety and well-being. Our aging life care managers are licensed social workers and health care professionals who have extensive experience working with the aging population.

Partnering with Healthcare Professionals

You understand best the health challenges that older adults encounter. We’d like to partner with you to ensure your patient’s overall well-being. Our aging life care managers can help you to coordinate care and ensure that your recommendations are being followed. As part of our comprehensive care solution, we visit your patient regularly and we are often the first to notice changes in behavior and health. We will notify you of concerns and changes in status and discuss and coordinate next steps. We work with older adults who are living on their own, being cared for by loved ones, or those living in senior communities. Our aging life care managers are licensed social workers and health care professionals who have extensive experience working with the aging population.

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