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Serving the Greater Chicago Area
113 McHenry Road, #101
Buffalo Grove, IL  60089
Phone: 847-913-1700

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Debra Feldman and her associate, Valerie Turck, were recommended by the elder care law firm we retained and they ably guided us through the unfamiliar process of finding a place for Mother. There were certain limitations, which they overcame:


· Brother and I don’t live in the same area.
· Medicaid funding was needed and rules vary among states.
· Mom didn’t want to be too far from her home of 66 years (She’s 95 now).


“Their knowledge and experience found a place that’s really very pleasant. Valerie was the social worker assigned by the firm and her assistance was invaluable. It would have been difficult or impossible without her.


“I recommend their services to anyone in a similar situation.”


Thank you!



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