Our Process
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Our Process


Step 1 – Consultation

We start our process with a telephone call. During this call we gather vital information and discuss how we might be of assistance. This first contact is the beginning of our care relationship.


Step 2 – The Assessment

We meet face to face with the older adult and family members. This visit allows us to understand the role that family and friends will play in the care process, establish lines of communication, and come to a consensus as to services required.


Our aging life care manager will engage the older adult in conversation to get an idea of their:

  • Activities of Daily Living– Ability to care for themselves (dressing, toileting, bathing), prepare meals, order medications, do their laundry, keep their home clean, pay bills
  • Processing, communication, and memory abilities
  • Likes and dislikes and their wishes for their future
  • Hearing and visual acuity


Our aging life care manager may ask the older adult to give them a tour of their home. This is an opportunity for the care manager to observe balance and mobility, to assess what adaptive equipment (grab bars, raised toilets, etc.) might already be in place, and determine if conditions are safe.


Step 3 – The Individual Customized Care Solution

Our expert aging life care managers create a personalized Care Solution which outlines the specific problems and challenges being faced, and offers specific recommendations to meet the client’s medical, psychological, functional and social needs. The Care Solution includes specific actions to be taken to address immediate challenges (i.e. grab bars installed), strategies to monitor the client’s status (i.e. use of companion services), and options for future challenges (i.e. looking into other living arrangements, diagnostic testing by a neurologist, etc.). The Care Solution will be discussed with family members and implemented by our expert aging life care management team.


Step 4 – Follow-Up

After the initial Care Solution has been implemented, our team of aging life care managers will continue to monitor your loved one through in person visits, and communication with caregivers, doctors and community personnel. Our goal is to stay one step ahead of the situation so that we can proactively address potential challenges before they become major issues. We adapt our services to changing
circumstances and ensure that new solutions are in place. We keep in close contact with family members throughout the process.

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